FUNGAL Rattan Table Lamp




Every part of the lamp is handmade.
Made using natural wood and natural bamboo.
It is suitable for use in Europe and America with our new updates.

The dimensions of the lamp as inches are 21.6” high, 5.9” on top and 15.7” on bottom.
The dimensions of the lamp as Cm are 55 cm high, 10 cm on top 45 cm on bottom.

Wood base + Rattan Lampshade

Worldwide Express Shipping with DHL, FedEx or UPS.

All products are crafted with natural bambo. 🍀Bamboo, the fast-growing grass plant, and rattan, the spiky climbing palm, can be important nature-based solutions to a number of pressing global challenges, for poverty alleviation, green trade, climate change mitigation and adaptation, resilient construction and environmental protection. ♻️

We offer wonderful historical designs of rattan at your service.


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